A New Website

Earlier this month I started blogging again. My blog was hosted on blogger.com, which was a pretty advanced platform in 2008 when I started blogging. Now it is pretty dated. I had a hell of a time trying to put any code blocks in the blog - which for a software engineer is a real problem.

So this is the new blog. I’ve ported most of the old content over, except for a few posts which were completely irrelevant (for example, a post which consists of nothing but a link to a Kickstarter project for Mech Warfare, both of which are since over).

Porting over all of these posts was actually a somewhat fun exercise, I had forgotten just how much had been posted to this blog over the years. Here’s a few highlights:

In setting up this site, I decided not to bother with a comments section, as the comments on the old site have generally been a wasteland for some time. If you come across an issue or are looking for more information, reach out to me by either filing a ticket against this site on GitHub or by messaging me on Twitter.

I’ve also updated the domain name to reflect that I might actually post some non-robotics things here in the future. In that same spirit, most of the existing posts are now tagged with the new robots tag. I’ve had this domain name for a while now, happy to finally put it to use.

Welcome to Robot & Chisel.