Issy Goes Fire Fighting

I've been talking lately about building a walking fire fighter, but I've now finally started transforming Issy from a mech into a Fire Fighter.

Issy's new body is about 2" shorter in both the width and length direction, a necessary adjustment to get him under the 12"x12" rule (yes, I know the Trinity contest allows walkers to be 12"x18", but I intend to take Issy to CNRG, and possibly RoboGames next year, and neither contest has a walker division, so the 12"x12" rule had to be followed).

Issy has a head similar to what I had on GMR. The head has an IR ranger for 99% of his navigation, a sonar ranger mainly for approaching the candle (since the IR gets wiped out), an IR photodiode for fire detection (similar to Crater's sensory), and a ducted fan for fire extinguishing. Issy is sporting a new arbotiX robocontroller, and power is from an 11.1V 2200mAh LiPO. Early tests with IK have shown quite a bit of promise as far as odometry from walking - I've still got a ways to go as far as implementing a geometrically stable gait.

Issy's code will basically be another rework of Crater's (cause heck, it works).