National Robotics Week, Day 6 - Stanford Robot Block Party

Unfortunately, there was a small delay in me posting anything from out on the West Coast. This was for two reasons:

  1. The Internet connection at the hotel kinda sucked, this seems to be a recurring theme this month.
  2. I was out far too late most nights with the Mech Warfare crowd.
I did manage to make it to the Stanford Robot Block Party this year. Maxwell did as well. At least in pieces. The battery strap broke during shipment (into about 6 pieces), requiring Maxwell be opened up for repairs:

Overall the sliding battery didn't do much damage, breaking only the charge connector and yanking a few wires. It took about 25 minutes to correct things and then Maxwell took a tour around the facility.

We set up with the Home Brew Robotics Club guys, and next to Pi Robot:

(Photo from Palo Alto Patch article)