CNRG Report, And A New Robot

So, Issy didn't fare so well in the Fire Fighting competition, he had a hard time staying off the walls, and in the one run he made it into the room his power connection broke off -- as they say at NASA, we've had an anomaly.

However, Issy did win the walker challenge, with an awesome time of 17sec.

Two other ArbotiX powered walkers took 2nd and 3rd in the walker challenge, so it was an awesome weekend for Vanadium. The bot that took 3rd was only finished minutes before the competition, we used NUKE to put an IK based gait on it less than an hour before game time, in the end, there wasn't enough time left to get the sensors mounted so it did the course with dead reckoning.

Since CNRG, I've been cleaning up NUKE code, and working on the Mammalian 3DOF template. I'm working on a new walker inspired by Little Dog, he's about 2/3 scale. I call him SMALdog for "Sorta Maybe Almost Littledog":

As for NUKE, a beta release should be out in 2-3 weeks, it'll be Alpha-release available via SVN late next week. We're shooting for PyPose V1.1 with NUKE to be out in early January.