Announcing the RX Bridge

Our friend Andrew Alter, over at Trossen Robotics, has a bit of a servo fetish. He's the kind of guy for whom AX-12+ servos are just not enough -- he has to have RX-28s and RX-64s -- he recently even upgraded a number of his servos to the EX-106+ (you can read more about his robot Giger over here). Anyways, Andrew wanted to control some RX servos with his ArbotiX, and made that fact well known.

It's often said that "you can't eat your cake and have it too" -- but we at Vanadium Labs don't like idioms, because if we use them, our robots will too. What could be more annoying than a robot telling you "There is no free lunch"? So, we decided that the ArbotiX had to now control RX servos -- and that's exactly what our new RX-bridge can do! This little board plugs into your ArbotiX, transforming it into the lowest cost RX controller on the market -- and you can still use your favorite apps like PyPose/NUKE and the familiar Arduino IDE.

P.S. You can see it all in action on Andrew's RX-64 based quadruped -- powered by NUKE: